Students and council tax

If you live in university halls or in a house where everyone is in full time education, you will be exempt from paying Council Tax. 

In order to claim exemption you will need to obtain a letter or other confirmation from your university or educational establishment to confirm that you are in full time education and provide this to the local authority to claim relief.  Where you share a house we would recommend that you collect your letters or student certificates together and write to the local authority as one to avoid confusion. 

If your tenancy commences before your university start date you may get a Council Tax bill for the non qualifying days.  However, at the local authority’s discretion you may still get relief provided you were not working. 

Only students in full time education are entitled to Council Tax exemption.  Part time students do not qualify. 

If there is one person in your household who is “counted” for Council Tax purposes, your household will get 25% off the full Council Tax bill (the local authority will ignore all exempt tenants in the household and will consider the property as being occupied by a single person for which a 25% discount is applicable). 

Before sharing with someone who is not fully Council Tax exempt you should agree who will contribute to the Council Tax bill.  The law says that it is only the person who is not exempt.